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On-site Customer Service Consultancy

Do you need extra help with your own personal development or training your employees?

Customer service and rapport building catalyst, I bring a more feminine energy in your business…

When faced with critical issues within your organisation that needs addressing quickly and efficiently, that’s when you must call on me to inspire you refocusing on what makes a business exists; your internal and external customers.

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Customer Service Training

Well, sometimes, you just don’t have the time to take a full day or even half a day to get your employees trained. So, I am here to help….

The objective is to deliver consistently exceptional customer service and substantially grow sales then I can help your team gain a real understanding of the customer service challenges, showing employees what ideal behaviours look like and sound like, making employees accountable for the delivery.

Working with you, I will identify your needs and objectives; I will then tailor a customer service training solution which meets your requirements. Factors such as the time you have available, the number of people to be trained, and your budget, will be taken into account when creating the training programme which is right for you.

Some of the topics I can cover can be:

  • Importance of positive customer care
  • Culture of the Organisation
  • What are the customer expectations
  • The value of your lifetime customer
  • First impression
  • Communication
  • Questioning-Answering
  • The Art of Co-operation
  • Lasting Impression
  • Selling, upselling
  • Building Rapport with your customers
  • Internal communications

Programmes can either be run at your own premises or at a convenient venue for you, check out more details here.


Contact The Busy Queen Bee for more details: contact@thebusyqueenbee.com